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Feb 11-28, 2016 @ 59E59 Theaters

"A feminist sci-fi comedy that darkens considerably as it goes along, Ms. Collyer has written a clever examination of sex, longing, memory, gender roles and violence."
-New York Times

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Collyer’s play, with the expert acting and direction, keeps us off-balance ... Its thematic elements strike at the heart of modern culture and social behavior.  The Good Girl will not easily leave you. 
-Theater Pizzazz
"Fairly flawless and wholly compelling...the performances are utterly genuine in a way that is rarely seen on the stage.
"Emilie Collyer's daring new play ... as frightening as it is powerful ... is jam packed full of intriguing thematic considerations and thrilling action ... Gabriel and Baessato give convincing, emotionally fraught performances."
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Photos by Lloyd Mulvey
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